C Ronaldo 0 shot is too embarrassing! Lost to Messi, who scored two goals, but his response was respectable

In the past year, although Cristiano Ronaldo lost to Lewandeau in the World Footballer’s competition, he still showed a vigorous side. For Ronaldo, who has always refused to admit defeat, the team’s ability to win is actually more important than whether or not to score.

Juventus defeated Serie A leader AC Milan 3-1. After the game, Juventus fans sent their blessings. However, for many netizens who did not stay up late to watch football, they found an embarrassing situation. In important games, there were neither goals nor assists. Judging from the intuitive data, Ronaldo seems to be invisible in this game. Is it possible that he can only abuse food, and now he can’t even win a down-and-out Serie A giant?

Cristiano Ronaldo made 0 shots in this game, but his presence has successfully attracted the opponent’s defense, thus creating more opportunities for Chiesa and Dybala. Therefore, the role of Ronaldo is not only in every game. C Ronaldo who can score goals, attract opponents to defend heavily, and sacrifice himself to achieve others is also worthy of respect.

This night, Messi scored twice to help Barcelona beat Athletic Bilbao 3-2 to get a crucial 3 points. Obviously, in the air contest with Messi, Ronaldo lost and scored two goals. Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo, who has always valued winning or losing, although he did not open a goal account this time, his strong concept of collective honor is more worthy of respect. After the game, Cristiano Ronaldo wrote in Ins: «I want to congratulate me For the team, we have once again won a very important victory. Now we have to keep going like this, come on Juventus!»www.camisetasfutbolbaratases.com

The league is a protracted battle, and one cannot lose confidence because of the gains and losses of one city and one pool. Ronaldo is self-disciplined and has a strong will to fight. Holding this breath, he will definitely explode in the next game. Give the 36-year-old man more tolerance and hope that he can bring more exciting games to the world.

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