Milan 1-3 but dug out the midfield master! Ability to pass and shoot, can be called the first midfielder in Serie A

At 03:45 on January 7th, Beijing time, the Serie A giants AC Milan greeted Juventus at home. In this game, Milan’s Ibrahimovic, Rebic, Ben Nasser and other players were unable to play, so Milan suffered a certain loss in strength. And Milan was also suppressed by Juventus because of the absence of many important members.

After Chiesa Jr. scored twice and McKenney scored, Milan lost. They lost to Juventus by a score of 1-3, eating their first defeat in Serie A this season. Fortunately, after the loss, Milan still ranked first in the league, and also dug out a midfielder master, this player is Charhanoglu.

In this Serie A match, in the absence of many of the main teammates, Czarhanoglu became Milan’s leader on the field, and he also helped Milan with practical actions, allowing Milan to fight against Juventus once. Under the key defense of Juventus players, Czarhanoglu can still show strong personal abilities because he can break through, pass the ball, and

Throughout the game, Czarhanoglu made 4 passes, 5 key passes and 6 shots. It is precisely because Czarhanoglu frequently creates murderous opportunities on the field that Milan continuously threatens Juventus’ goal on the field. And it’s worth mentioning that Milan’s goal is also related to Czarhanoglu. After all, it was Czarhanoglu who completed a successful confrontation that helped Milan win the ball. Riya broke the door.

After the game, Czarhanoglu scored the team’s highest score of 7.4 points, so when Milan lost, Czarhanoglu’s personal performance was still outstanding. And you must know that this is not the first time that Charhanoglu has performed at this level, but has always been this season.

This season, Czarhanoglu played a total of 23 games for Milan, personally harvested 6 goals, and also sent 6 assists. In the Serie A key pass list, Czarhanoglu ranked first with 52 passes, and his data is also the first in the five major leagues. Therefore, Charhanoglu is now the first midfielder in Serie A. And when Czarhanoglu had such a play, the fans were also anxious for AC Milan. Because when Milan was sitting on the top midfielder in Serie A, they did not complete the contract extension with the players. You know that the 26-year-old Czarhanoglu is more useful than the 39-year-old Ibrahimovic, so what are Milan waiting for, it’s time to take action!

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